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About the Studio

We are one of the UK's first sustainable and inclusive custom tattoo studios (since 2016).
We are also Vegan friendly.

(see below for more information).

We currently have five female resident artists - boo, our abstract, ornamental and watercolour handpoke artist
Lauren, a script, neotraditonal and realism artist
Pippa, an ornamental/ mehndi inspired black work artist
- Laura, our geometric, and all things dots and lines artist
- Phe, all things natural/ flora and fauna blackwork artist

Located in Derby City, the studio is only 3 minutes walk from the train station and 7 minutes walk from the bus station.

We also have free parking in front of our entrance off Siddals Road.

As well at home, you can find our artists around the country guesting at other studios and working conventions throughout the year.
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We are committed to not excluding anyone from our studio where possible (limitations to age and well being do apply).

We are a wheelchair user friendly studio (toilet facilities are not suitable for wheelchair users) - for more information, please email the studio with any questions we can help you with via embodytattoo@mail.com.

The studio only stocks latex free gloves (our artists and guest artists use latex free gloves during the tattoo process, but do check with your artist just in case they have chosen to provide their own).

We use 100% VEGAN inks.
We understand that for some of our amazing clients this isn't an issue, but as more of you are becoming aware of certain sustainable and well-being issues related to animal welfare, we are also making a conscious effort to keep this planet a beautiful place to be too.

To go along with our inclusive inks, we also use a vegan friendly, not tested on animals, nickel and paraben free green soap to clean skin during the tattoo process.

We get asked a lot if we have vegan carbon paper and well YES we do! Our stencil primers are also suitable for vegans.

Where possible we have swapped out to cruelty free and eco conscious cleaning products (we are committed to keeping up to and above hospital hygiene standards) and have found VIROKLENZ ​to be vegan and an environmentally conscious company too.

Our first priority was environmentally mindful clinical waste disposal. We have teamed up with Greener Options LTD, who have achieved a zero landfill waste policy, whilst prioritising safety and hygiene standards. 

We use biodegradable and environmentally friendly bio-polymer cups, instead of the common plastic alternatives and waxed unrecyclable paper ones.
We now use a biodegradable wrap instead of clingfilm or pallet wrap to cover tattoos and our stations and beds.
We now also only stock biodegradable machine bags and clipcord covers for our machine artists.

We continually
 have lowered our plastic consumption. Making sure that all possible waste that can be recycled is indeed recycled.

Just like many tattoo studios we used to consume a fair volume of paper and other tree based consumables.
We have swapped out all our tissue based products to a100% recycled and unbleached brand.
We are currently contacting non tree paper manufacturers and suppliers to find a better solution to lower our impact on global deforestation and water pollution (paper milling being one of the worlds highest water polluting industries). 





Tel: 01332 986920

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Deposits are non-refundable.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please give us 72hrs notice to retain your deposit, which can then be transferred to another date and time.